Musicbed Sessions: Brooke Waggoner

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Musicbed Sessions featuring Brooke Waggoner

Brooke Waggoner and her band really love to perform. You can see it through their performance of 'Ovenbird', from Brooke's newest LP. Beyond being incredible musicians, Brooke's infectious indie ballad was a sample of the genius that's born from artists who play simply for the love of music. Musicbed Sessions are made possible through contributions from RØDE, Presonus, Blackmagic and Guitar Center.

Behind the Scenes

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When building the Musicbed Studio, one of the first things that came to mind was the audio — we wanted it to be fully integrated. Presonus has built something revolutionary. We can control our entire operation from an iPad, everything from room tuning and control to sound and monitors. Our team uses Capture to Multitrack each Musicbed Session, AI Speaker and Mixer lineup, and our artists can even use iPhone apps to control their own monitors. It’s a start to finish operation with the Musicbed Studio and Presonus is an essential part.

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All of the work that went into the Musicbed Studio would be wasted if we didn’t have great gear to bring the performances to life, and that’s where Guitar Center comes in. With artists flying from around the country to our studio, we want to be sure they are working with the best instruments and setups. Guitar Center gave us an incredible lineup of backline and lighting gear to maximize our production quality.

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We like to keep an eye on everything while filming Musicbed Sessions, and Blackmagic helps us do just that. Their equipment helps monitor and record our multi-cam video feeds. Blackmagic has all of the gear to take us from switching to monitoring to recording.

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All of our Musicbed Sessions were recorded exclusively with RØDE microphones. When we’re capturing a moment, the audio is every bit as important as the film. We want Sessions to sound just as beautiful as they look. RØDE mics are some of the best in the business — just listen to Musicbed Sessions as proof. If you want to hear RØDE in action, try out their NTR Ribbon mic.